About the Book

This series of three books is comprised of my Dad’s letters that he wrote home to his parents and uncle during WWII, 1943, 1944, and 1945. He asked his parents to save his letters and we, (his 7 children), got them upon his mother’s death in the late 1980’s.

Our dad died suddenly in December of 1990 at the age of 66 of a heart attack.

His first born, Lon, named after my dad’s grandfather Leonides’s nickname Lon, got the original saved letters. In about 2008, Lon contacted me because my namesake, my dad’s nurse in WWII, Dallas Fellersen, was mentioned in a letter dated February 10, 1945.

I always wanted to write a book about my namesake, something along the lines of an epic WWII love story about how a soldier met a nurse and love grew, et cetera. I thought I wuold read my dad’s letters and begin to write upon my retirement in 2017. I was a court reporter and proficient with the stenograph machine, so after my retirement I started to transcribe my dad’s letters verbatim. Lon had sent all his brothers and sisters copies of the letters for the year 1945. I took to transcribing those letters and lo and behold, hundreds of pages later, I had my book!

My dad survived the war to become an English professor at San Diego State University. He loved to write and could do so very well. Unlike me. So I thought I’d let him tell the story I wanted to tell, and here it is!

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