WWII Notebook & Letters by James C. Hinkle, transcribed verbatim by Dallas Ann H. Erwood, starts in August 1943 with the notebook in which he records his thoughts while on a troop transport to North Africa. Letters home to his family start in September ’43 and continue through December 1945, including the Anzio letter dated June 28, 1944, describing his participation in the epic battle as “the most dramatic hours of my life.” The rest of ’44 and all of ’45 he writes about his recovery, his nurse Dallas Fellersen, his fellow soldiers and his experiences in Europe. Physically limited due to his wound at Anzio, he’s assigned a rear echelon position collecting information, updating an enormous map showing the current status of the various battles and fronts, writing a report every day to be passed up the chain of command and giving a 15-minute report to the camp regarding the latest news. He also runs the school for soldiers in transit looking to learn a language or whatever he can find for anybody to learn.

All My Love

A book of epistles
By James C. Hinkle

With a notebook/journal
Transcribed by Ms. Erwood

Written in 1943, ’44 & ’45
Addressed Dear Mother Daddy & Hi

From his WWII interim
Signed All My Love—Jim

~ Dallas Ann H. Erwood